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A Big Thanks to White Claw and Sweet Water Brewing!!

And a huge thanks to everyone that participated in the Birdies & Beers Finale this year! Was a great time for everyone! We’ll have more of these so stay tuned!



Friday November 27th 2020 THE FRIDAY GAME RESULTS
Player Payout Won
Chris Palumbo FRONT
Gregg Morris FRONT
Mike Brooks FRONT
Bob Frailey FRONT
Duffie Sharpe BACK
Phil Perkins BACK
Shane Myers BACK
Tony Chavis BACK
Duffie Sharpe TOTAL
Phil Perkins TOTAL
Shane Myers TOTAL
Tony Chavis TOTAL
 Grant Tillman  CTP #4
Phil Perkins CTP #8
Phil Perkins CTP #15
Mark K CTP #17
Mark K SKIN #6
Tom Newlon SKIN #9
Anthony Addotta SKIN #13
Duffie Sharpe SKIN #15
Staff Tip  
Friday November 20th 2020 THE FRIDAY GAME RESULTS
Player Payout Won
Deric Governale FRONT – TIE
Carlos Nevarez FRONT – TIE
Michael Moore FRONT – TIE
Tadd West FRONT – TIE
Tom Newlon FRONT – TIE
Kurt Cassidy FRONT – TIE
Phil Perkins FRONT – TIE
Eddy Graveran FRONT – TIE
Tom Newlon BACK
Kurt Cassidy BACK
Phil Perkins BACK
Eddy Graveran BACK
 Tom Newlon   TOTAL 1ST 
Kurt Cassidy  TOTAL 1ST 
Phil Perkins  TOTAL 1ST 
Eddy Graveran  TOTAL 1ST 
Bruce Crawford TOTAL 2ND
Jimmy Kostel TOTAL 2ND
Zachary Whitlock TOTAL 2ND
Trent Bagley TOTAL 2ND
Tom Daniel CTP #4
Tom Daniel CTP #8
Tom Newlon CTP #15
Tom Newlon CTP #17
Kurt Cassidy SKIN #6
CW Taylor SKIN #7
Scott Adams SKIN #10
Phil Perkins SKIN #16
Tom Newlon SKIN #17
Friday November 13th 2020 THE FRIDAY GAME RESULTS
Player Payout Won
Gregg Morris FRONT
Tom Daniel FRONT
Jeff Howe FRONT
Greg Fizer FRONT
Anthony Addotta BACK
Carlos Nevarez BACK
Mike Cavill BACK
Tim Minard BACK
Anthony Addotta TOTAL
Carlos Nevarez TOTAL
Mike Cavill TOTAL
Tim Minard TOTAL
 Bruce Crawford   CTP #4 
Phil Perkins CTP #8
Jim Amstutz CTP #15
Jeff Howe CTP #17
Tadd West SKIN #5
Tony Chavis SKIN #6
Adam Littleton SKIN #7
Anthony Addotta SKIN #8
Anthony Addotta SKIN #9
Bobby Oliver SKIN #12
Jeff Howe SKIN #17
Friday November 6th 2020 THE FRIDAY GAME RESULTS
Player Payout Won
Deric Governale FRONT
Gregg Morris FRONT
Eric Corbel FRONT
Corey White FRONT
Matthew Coy BACK
Grant Tillman BACK
Phil Perkins BACK
Greg Fizer BACK
Kyle Shields TOTAL
Kevin Cassidy TOTAL
Robert Cunningham TOTAL
Chris Buck TOTAL
 Deric Governale   2ND – TIE 
Gregg Morris  2ND – TIE 
Eric Corbel  2ND – TIE 
Corey White  2ND – TIE 
Tom Newlon  2ND – TIE 
Bruce Crawford  2ND – TIE 
Jerry Christy  2ND – TIE 
David Alexander  2ND – TIE 
Ricky W CTP #4
Dirk Heyns CTP #8
Kevin Cassidy CTP #15
Gary Pence CTP #17
Deric Governale SKIN #2
Deric Governale EAGLE #2
Gary Pence SKIN #5
Kevin Cassidy SKIN #6
Dirk Heyns SKIN #8
Dirk Heyns EAGLE #8
Anthony Addotta SKIN #11
Grant Tillman SKIN #14
Anthony Addotta SKIN #16
November 7th 2020 BIRDIES & BEERS RESULTS


CTP Prizes were White Claw Titliest Golf Bags and Prized filled backpacks.. Each Valued at $220

Winners FLIGHT #1

2 Eagles won it! Paid $430 Each
Most Birdies Front Paid $50 / Back Paid $50


Winners FLIGHT #2

5 Skins Paid $170 Each
Most Birdies Front Paid $50 / Back Paid $50

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