The Friday Game


(cost for the game itself $25, does not include you greens & cart fees) starts every Friday at approximately
12:21 p.m. $25 breakdown: $5 skins pot, $5 CTP pot, $5 Front, Back, Total Team Pot.

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  • The Friday Game 03-05-2021
    March 5, 2021
    11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Friday Game: PRICE $25 Pay Cash When you finish your round. Be sure to take double bogey on 0-10 strokes & triple bogey on 10+ strokes  UPDATED RULES – PLS REVIEW – WANT TO KEEP OUR FRIDAY GAME CLEAN AND LEGIT If you have to cancel – call pro shop and email RULES: 1) (more…)

  • Season Opener Birdies & Beers Saturday 03-13-21
    March 13, 2021
    10:00 am - 11:00 pm

BIRDIES & BEERS $30 Sign-Up Here For The March 13th Mike’s Hard Lemonade/CFG Mortgage Group Season Opener of Birdies & Beers  UPDATED DETAILS! I really feel 2021 will be the biggest and best year for Birdies and Beers!  Let’s kick it off right with a great skins game! The tee times on Saturday will start (more…)

The Friday Game
Already Signed-Up

  •  Mike Cavill
  •  Brandon Cockrell
  •  Shel Conary
  •  Allen Dolphyn
  •  Rolf Douglas
  •  Greg Fizer
  •  Jim Forthe
  •  Adam Gance
  •  Scott Geary
  •  David Heusel
  •  Steven Kerr
  •  David Massengale
  •  Tom Newlon
  •  Ed Rhodes
  •  Kyle Shields
  •  CW Taylor
  •  Kevin Torok
  •  Mike VanWie
  •  Tadd West
  •  Rick Whitmire
  •  Keith WILSON

Birdies & Beers Season Opener Saturday, March 13th, Already Signed-Up

  •  Jonathan Astle
  •  Scott Borden
  •  Joel Brody
  •  Kevin Cassidy
  •  Paul Catney
  •  Tony Chavis
  •  Aaron Clark
  •  Jon Cooley
  •  Eric Corbel
  •  Chris Coy
  •  Matt Coy
  •  Bill Cunningham
  •  Robert Cunningham
  •  Tom Daniel
  •  Rob Dietrich
  •  Ben Drawdy
  •  Ernie Duran
  •  Nick Ebelhar
  •  Geoff Elliott
  •  Sam Erwin
  •  Scott Erwin
  •  Chris Fletcher
  •  Bob Frailey
  •  Jim French
  •  Danny Harris
  •  Van Hayes
  •  David Heusel
  •  Harry Heusel
  •  Steve Hogan
  •  Jeff Howe
  •  Ken Johnson
  •  Tom Johnson
  •  William Jones
  •  Brendan Kerr
  •  Steven Kerr
  •  Mark Lacy
  •  Josef Magda
  •  Jared Mason
  •  Shane Myers
  •  Zach Ohaus
  •  Scott Ostrander
  •  Chris Palumbo
  •  Mike Patafio
  •  Mark Roberts
  •  Duffie Sharpe
  •  Bradley Sherwood
  •  Kyle Shields
  •  Mike Stevens
  •  Mark Sweeny
  •  Robert Threatt
  •  Jeff Timler
  •  Mike VanWie
  •  Bill Woods
  •  Scott Woody

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after ALL, WE DID Say Birdies & BEERS

Then there is after…

Yes, the golf is great at Birdies and Beers! But then there is also the gathering after of family and friends and enjoy the nights winnings!

The Game

It’s a game of skins, you birdie a hole that no one else does that night, you win a skin! Depending on how many other birdies “hold” depends on your skins payout! That simple, if two people birdie a hole, that hole is then eliminated. Long story short, one birdie could win the whole pot!